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 INTENZE Trailblazer – Tuzinho

About Tuzinho

Tuzinho is tattoo master located in Brazil

Since I was very small I started to draw, at the age of 15 I started making small sculptures, at 18 I had my first contact with the tattoo world, when my cousin appeared at home tattooed.

As I already worked with art, I was very interested, not in getting one on me, but in understanding how to get a tattoo.

After asking my mother a lot, my sister asked for a check for her and took me to buy my first machine, then I started “doodling” my friends, already in my first tattoo I had a nice result!

From then on, I never stopped, learning more and improving myself, and so the tattoo came into my life, 21 years of tattooing, I have more life with a tattoo than without it.


  • Color
  • Realism


  • Brazil


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