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Simone Marchi

Simone Marchi was born in Siena in 1995.

After accessing the world of arts by attending the Arts Institute in Siena, he made his first approach to tattoos when he was 19.

With the firm intention to improve his style and make it as an established tattoo artist, he attended the International Master in Artistic Tattooing in Udine, which helped him to give it a real try and experiment in his first tattoos, pushing him to set out on a remarkable artistical and cultural growth. In those years he got the opportunity to frequently get in touch with Alex De Pase and the painter Carlo Alberto Palumbo, thanks to whom he learned the value of passion and dedication to work, essential to the creation of top-level works, both as expressions of art and quality.

In this way Simone started to experience and learn day by day; he has devoted himself to experimenting and challenging numerous styles first hand, he has learned and taken inspiration from great tattoo artists and also from great illustrators in a continuous process of education.

Simone is able to funnel a lot of personality in each and every work of his; he also tries to implement his technical background by taking advantage of every single moment he has at his disposal during a tattoo and by paying lots of attention to details in a style that is continuously evolving, distinguished by creative designs and very brilliant colors.


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