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 INTENZE Trailblazer – Sam Taylor

About Sam

“I grew up in Melbourne Australia, basically just doing graffiti and running a muck with no real purpose, then I began my sign writing apprenticeship.

I was a sign writer for about 6 years until I had a car accident and was bed ridden for almost a year. Once I recovered, I was lucky enough to start my tattooing apprenticeship in 2015 in Melbourne Australia.

In the beginning, I was more keen to try realism, but my mentor (Diego Mickey) encouraged me to keep pushing my letters. Once I began developing my Hollow Victorian style, I got more obsessed with trying to push the boundaries of lettering.

In 2017 I moved to Empire Melbourne, where I’m currently working from, while I travel as much as I can.”


  • Letering
  • Hollow Victorian


  • Melbourne, Australia


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