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 INTENZE Frontiersman – Randy Engelhard

Tattoo by Number Set

Randy Engelhard’s Tattoo by Number Set is the answer to everyone who’s ever asked how he does what he does. Follow Randy’s strategy using this numbered tattoo ink set.


Training Video

Hear what Randy Engelhard has to say on the passion and energy that went into this instructional number-based set.

Randy Engelhard

Randy Engelhard uses vibrant colors to create photo-realistic tattoos that possess a smoothness and quality that other artists fail to capture.

From celebrities to cultural icons, he’s able to humanize his portraits, and the results have garnered him some well-deserved attention. Simply put, when you look at Randy’s work, it’s hard to believe it came from a tattoo gun and not a paint brush.

Randy was born in Zuickau Germany in 1978. He started tattooing in 2001, and opened his first shop, Heaven of Colours, in 2005. Slowly but surely, his clientele increased in numbers and fame. Today, Randy travels the world tattooing at conventions and as a guest artist at different shops.

The first thing that stands out when you meet Randy are the massive muscles, the head bandana, and all his colorful tattoos—maybe not in that order. But what also stands out is his personality. Randy has an unparalleled enthusiasm for life and the art of tattoo. He’s constantly pushing himself to get better. And that’s the reason he turns to Intenze for his ink. The wide range of colors, the quality of ink, and the constant push to innovate coincide with what he wants to accomplish as an artist.


  • Black & Grey
  • Realism


  • Germany: Zwickau




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