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 INTENZE Frontiersman – Kamil Terczynski

Kamil Terczynski

Born in Krakow, Poland, Kamil has risen through the ranks of great artists over the years. Drawing from others like Mario Barth, Tin-Tin, Robert Hernandez, and Boris, Kamil has managed to create a style and voice all his own.

Back when Kamil started, tattoo was a fringe art. Drawn to the craft during art school where he studied sculpture, he began, like most artists in Poland, by making his own ink and soldering his own needles. It was an industry that barely existed, but that was something Kamil and his fellow artists were determined to change. Initially drawn to black and gray work, Kamil quickly branched out into creating beautiful, vibrant pieces that feature epic themes. Gorgeous female nudes, creatures from beyond, and gore scenes all play a central role. It comes from a deep appreciation of the power of symbolism that he enjoys working into his designs. Key to his success during his career has been a dedication to art and a commitment to finding his own voice. Through it all, he credits hard work and a deep immersion in art—something he challenges up-and-coming artists to work on. “You have to study art,” he says. “You can’t just start tattooing. Work on your technique and great work will follow.” When it comes to choosing an ink, Kamil only works with Intenze. “I’ve been using Intenze since day one. I’ve tried other brands, but the colors don’t fade. After years, the colors still hold up, and that’s something that always stood out from the other brands,” he says. “Now there are so many other colors out there for us to choose from. It’s an amazing product.”




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