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Never Fade

“It was very competitive (tattooing), and at the time you had to be a badass. You didn’t have to be an artist, you know, you had to be ready to fight with anybody who was gonna piss you off to get respect from your clientele.” – Tin-Tin


Tin-Tin is the central figure in tattooing in Paris, France, where he’s been working for more than 20 years. Tin-Tin’s legacy is a special one. His methods and ideas about the art of tattooing have grown out of years of experience and have never been subject to the flippant trends of youth culture.

Tin-Tin, in a lot of ways, has been an integral part of high fashion. He has collaborated with the likes of Jean-Paul Gautier, Marc Jacobs, and Stefano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent, as well as being their personal tattoo artists. His rough and rowdy upcoming as a biker, on the road and fighting hard to earn the respect he deserves, gives him a certain cache that’s hard to come by.

Tin-Tin is a tattoo artist because he enjoys the craftsmanship and the design it takes to construct and execute a perfect tattoo. His priority is not fashion or style, but rather to be the best at what he does, and to enjoy his life and his family. Leaving behind a legacy, contributing to tattoo culture, and history-making are not so important to Tin-Tin, which makes his impact on tattooing even more monumental.

This spirit and passion is something we take to heart. It keeps us grounded and focused on what really makes us happy. Intenze Products isn’t the best ink because it has the coolest bottle or sexy advertising—Intenze strives to make the best because we love the craft—and that idea will never fade.


  • Custom Tattooing
  • Japanese


  • Paris: France



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