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Never Fade

“There’s a lot of people out there that are great tattoo artists but they got an attitude so I wouldn’t wanna necessarily get a tattoo from them. If somebody’s nice, you know, that makes a world a difference. And I think the sentimentality is equal with artistry. The imperfections are what make things human.” – BIll Salmon

Bill Salmon

Bill Salmon lives and works in San Francisco, California. Brought into the business under the wing of tattoo great Ed Hardy, Bill has tattooed for more than three decades during some of the most radical waves of tattooing the world has ever seen.

He met his wife, Juni, by legendary Horitoshi 1 at the National Tattoo Convention in San Diego in 1987, and they have been tattooing together ever since. Bill and Juni tattoo daily at their studio Diamond Club Tattoo, one of San Francisco’s premier private studios.

Bill left the east coast at a very early age to head out to California, and found his way through a music career before meeting Ed Hardy and beginning his journey as a tattooist. He is the epitome of taking the road less traveled in search of greatness, a hallmark of any legendary figure. And understanding Bill Salmon’s outlook on life and tattooing illuminates a bigger picture: an artist’s life must be completely immersed in his or her work to get the most out of it.

Bill is humble, constructive while remaining fiercely passionate about tattoos, and he has an attitude of constant self-improvement and learning. It’s this desire to continually perfect his craft that’s impacted so many young tattooists in the business, which falls directly in line with the level of quality we hope to achieve with every bottle of tattoo ink we produce. No matter how popular Intenze products become, we will always strive for a brighter, better, easier to use product, and we are inspired daily by Bill Salmon’s quest for improvement and ideas.


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