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 INTENZE Frontiersman – George Mavridis

George Mavridis

Many say that George Mavridis’s work ranges from the biblical to the erotic, but most agree that the majority of his pieces defy any label at all.

After his formative years spent as a hooligan nicknamed the Tattooligan, George began his professional career as a graffiti artist, but turned to tattoo because he didn’t like having to paint over other peoples’ work. From 1996–1999, George worked as an amateur artist before opening up his own shop, Cover Up.

Soon, his work put him on the map, winning third place in the color category at the 2009 Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth. After that, his workdays shot from 12 hours to 15 hours before he had to dedicate himself exclusively to tattooing.


  • Fantasy
  • Realism


  • Greece: Thessaloniki




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