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 INTENZE Frontiersman – Chris 51

Chris 51 Geek Ink Set

Mix less. Tattoo more. 12 brand new ink colors that are perfect for comic and cartoon centric tattoos.


Training Video

Watch Chris 51 put his set to the test and learn how this incredible new product fits your tattooing needs.

In-Depth Study

Order the Geek Ink Set and receive in-depth instructional materials and insider tips from Chris 51, so you can master the set fast and take your tattooing to a whole new level.

About Chris

In the early 2000’s, Chris owned his own music store. When Napster hit, he had to get creative to make a living… so he decided to put a tattoo chair in his store. Unable to find anyone suitable to tattoo for him at his store, he decided to do it himself.

“After my first line of my first tattoo I knew that I had found my true calling. I closed the doors to the music store forever and focused on a tattoo shop.”

Chris owns Area 51 Tattoo, a tattoo shop opened by himself over twelve years ago in Springfield, Oregon. Area 51 Tattoo has since spread to multiple different locations. Chris 51 specializes in comic style and cartoon oriented tattoos.


  • Comic


  • Springfield, OR



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