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 INTENZE Trailblazer – Charles Huurman

About Charles

Charles is a tattoo artist from Valencia, Spain who specializes in abstract photorealism and portraits. Charles currently tattoos at his studio in Ireland.

“Since I was 17 I worked in restaurants, real estate agencies, offices, in the port… But nothing felt right. Then I decided to be an entrepreneur and I opened a spa center and a real estate agency at the same time. By that time, I was only 21. I had a house mortgage, two car loans, and a couple of credit cards. Deep inside the bank debt system…

Suddenly it all collapsed and I lost everything. I was devastated until little by little I realized that that was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The house, the car, the business… they all felt like a heavy weight on my back and none of them made me happy. So I decided to invest all my time and effort into doing things that I really enjoyed no matter the money involved in it, even if that meant being chased by banks forever. Drawing and painting were the only things I had ever done for fun, but I never thought of them as a career. So I started to believe in it.”


  • Portrait
  • Realism
  • Abstract


  • Kilkenny, Ireland



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