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Andy Engel Essentials Set

Black and grey, fantasy, photo-realism, you name it — the Essentials set is a must have for making ANY style of tattoo pop.


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Watch the full tutorial and gain insight from Andy Engel on how to expand your tattooing skills further than ever using the set.

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Buy the Essentials set and receive in-depth instructional materials and insider tips from Andy Engel, so you can gain mastery over the set and enhance your style.

Andy Engel

As a drummer and a fan of the hard rock scene, Andy Engel fell in love with the art and culture of tattoo long before he became one of the most accomplished artists around.

In 1995, he finally began to hone his craft, developing a range that includes several styles even though he considers his favorite to be realism.

Andy draws inspiration from Bob Tyrrell, Jack Rudy, Liorcifer, Alex de Pase, and Tin-Tin, among many others. Additionally, he studies classical artists like Salvador Dali and Michelangelo, using oil, acrylic, coal, and pencil to expand his skill set beyond tattoo.

Despite his numerous accolades and extensive client list, Andy Engel believes that one of his biggest accomplishments is performing breast reconstruction for women diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s his way of using his talents to give a little joy back to people who are suffering.


  • Black & Grey
  • Realism


  • Germany: Kitzingen




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