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 INTENZE Trailblazer – Yanina Viland

About Yanina

Yanina is a tattoo artist from Curitiba, Brazil who specializes in blackwork, minimalistic art, art-brut and ornamental.

“I started tattooing in 2008. At that time I lived in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the people are engaged in design and construction of music clubs and organizing concerts. Tattooing for them has been a hobby in their spare time. In ‪2011, I moved to St.‬ Petersburg, Russia. In Russia, my work was very much in demand so I completely devoted myself to tattoos as my main job. I started with a small private studio. Later on, I opened a bigger shop, having the pleasure to work with great Russian artists.

In 2015, I began to travel a lot like a guest artist. I fell in love with Brazil, where I decided to spend some time. At the end of 2016 I finally moved to Brazil, signing a contract with a studio located in the South. At the studio, they work with the artists representing contemporary art in tattooing and hosting a lot of international guests. At the same time, I continue to visit Europe with guest visits.”


  • Blackwork
  • Minimalistic Art
  • Art-Brut
  • Ornamental


  • Brazil on the Road


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