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Our Reach Must Exceed Our Grasp

To keep pushing, to create beyond what currently is. Whether you call it relentless or just being curious, we didn’t get where we are today by sitting still.

When it came to finding our family, we didn’t just look to the best. We looked for artists who embodied the same qualities we pour into our ink—innovative, groundbreaking, and bright. They’re linked by a common thread: to try anything that hasn’t been done before. It’s an approach to their work that’s led to new photorealistic styles, bringing science fiction and fantasy to the skin, and modern twists to time-tested techniques. The Intenze Family doesn’t work in a vacuum. They build from the past. By building off yesterday, they create tattoos that define tomorrow. New styles and techniques. New ways of looking at color and skin, and what both are capable of accomplishing today aren’t possible without a nod to yesterday. The Intenze Family uses Intenze tattoo ink for a few specific reasons. The breadth of colors let them explore new possibilities. The quality of the ink heals and stays bright, and they know that a company that values innovation as much as they do will keep giving their imaginations the tools they need to keep creating new possibilities.

INTENZE is accepting new artists for sponsorship! If you are interested in becoming an INTENZE sponsored artist, all you have to do is start tagging your portfolio work on Instagram with #IntenzePride today. Our screening process takes place on social media, and we will reach out to you on there if we think you have what it takes! Please note that your social media account must possess a minimum of 2,000 followers in order to be qualified for sponsorship.

Runners-up will receive a free 1 oz. 19 Color Set. All other participants will receive a $20 gift voucher for purchasing at!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Intenze Trailblazers

Overflowing with potential, the Intenze Trailblazers are hot on the trail to becoming the next greatest frontiersmen of tattooing. These young but talented artists are new beginnings for the tattoo industry.

Intenze Frontiersmen

New techniques, new innovations, new horizons. Intenze Frontiersmen work on the cutting edge, pushing boundaries and creating the impossible with Intenze tattoo ink.

Intenze Legends

To build towards a better future you must honor the past. Intenze Legends brought us where we are today. They’re the foundation that our industry is built on, and we’re proud to look to them for everything we do.

In Memoriam

The impact these artists have had on the tattooing industry will live on through memory.

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