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Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty

Everything that we at INTENZE do is for your betterment, the tattoo artist that uses our ink. Because of that, we have built the considerably large community of artists that you are now a part of, who are all deeply loyal to the INTENZE brand. Artists trust that every time they use INTENZE ink, they will get the same consistent, smooth product that they know and love. And it is because of that trust and loyalty that we at INTENZE stand where we do today, as the leading tattoo pigment manufacturer in the world, and we could not appreciate and thank you for that enough.

But we want to try. That’s why we’ve introduced our new INTENZE Artist Rewards Program, a brand new way for us to give back to you, our loyal customers, for sticking with us for so long. Without you, INTENZE wouldn’t be where we are today.

For every purchase you make at with a customer account, you’ll earn artist reward points which can be redeemed at checkout to save on your future purchases. You won’t just receive high quality tattoo ink that you love by shopping with us — you’ll win back for your loyalty with INTENZE!

Log in here or create an account now and start earning points today.

Program Basics

How does the Rewards Program work, exactly?

For every $1 that you spend on the store, you’ll earn 1 point. Over time, with more purchases, you’ll accumulate a significant amount of points on your store account. 20 points can be redeemed for $1 in spending amount on future purchases — so for every $20 you spend, you’ll get $1 back. Subscribers earn 2 points for every $1 spent — learn more about our Subscription plan here.

Of course, you’ll need to be logged into your customer account in order to earn points. Make sure you create an account and that you are logged in before placing your order, or else you’ll miss out on earning.

Points can be redeemed for purchasing INTENZE products. Click to Shop Now and Earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all INTENZE products be purchased with points?


Do points expire?

No. Points that you have earned will NEVER expire.

How else can I earn points?

Customers can also earn points through special giveaways and promotions that INTENZE holds through our newsletter and social media accounts. Be sure to follow us below or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest giveaways and promotions.

Are there points-exclusive products I can buy?

Not yet, but there will be. INTENZE plans to offer bonus novelty items and other collectibles that will be points exclusive in the near future. Check back to this page, visit the front store page, or sign up to our newsletter below to see when we add these special offers to our store.

Do certain products earn me bonus points?

Yes. Purchasing any of our color ink sets will earn you double points.  The Ultimate Artist Tattoo Ink Set will also earn you triple points. Other products may earn you more points during promotions we run in the future.

Can I exchange my points for cash back?

Sorry, but no. Points must stay on your account as in-store credit. You’ll still be saving and winning back for your purchases.


Under 200 Points

Under 400 Points

Under 1000 Points

Under 2,000 Points

Under 3,200 Points