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Mark Mahoney

“I love it… one of the things about Sunset is that everybody comes here besides tourists and people all over the world. It’s one of the few places in LA where the rich and poor come to… Sooner or later, everybody comes to the strip – it’s kinda a right of passage.” – Mark Mahoney

Mark Mahoney, one of the most iconic tattoo artists of our time, is the proprietor and premier artist of the Shamrock Social Club, located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard.

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Shamrock – Part 1

Shamrock Green Release Part 1

Shamrock – Part 2

Shamrock Green Release Part 2

Gangster Grey

Gangster Grey

INTENZE Products is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink set formulated by legendary tattooist Mark Mahoney, the “founding father” of black and grey tattooing. This is the formula and shades of black & grey that Mark Mahoney himself uses while he tattoos.

The result is an unbelievable black & grey system of tattoo ink that is perfectly suited for black & grey portraits, lettering, religious tattoos, and Cholo artwork made popular in Southern California.

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