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Bringing your greatest ideas to life has to start somewhere. Bright colors that sing, works that set you apart—boil it all down and you end up with the fundamental—the pigments that let you build your best work off of.

And bringing those pigments to life is a thorough, state-of-the-art process that we take seriously.

If you were to rewind a tattoo created with Intenze ink, dissect the anatomy to its marrow, you’d find pigments that were crafted and produced with a mixture of quality and safety because we understand that incredible ink makes incredible tattoos, and that’s what we hang on.

Creating the best pigments we can starts with research. Our 3rd party hired bio-chemists and toxicologists begin on a molecular level to make sure our formulas are right. Then we source small amounts of organic pigments that we can control and formulate in incremental batches so we can provide them at an affordable cost down the line. From there, we grind, process, and turn the pigments into liquids and consistent formulas.

And if you’re putting it in your clients’ skin, we’re putting it in ours first. Testing is a critical part of our formulation process. We don’t just want to make sure the quality is superior, we want to make sure our pigments are easy to work with, no matter the piece or the artist.

When it comes to making pigments, we think about the long term. A lot of pigments look great when they’re first applied, but after the tattoo heals, they start to fade. Intenze pigments are designed to stay bright for years.

Safety, quality, and simplicity. That’s how we create our pigments and our formulation for success.

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