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Did you know that some tattoo ink most likely contains animal products? In fact, your common black tattoo ink has been known to consist of crushed animal bone. Even the glycerins in solutions that are mixed into some tattoo ink include animal fats. While this might have been an issue that many overlooked in the past, circa 2011 there has been a tremendous societal shift and people have become more and more socially conscious –- especially when it comes to animal cruelty, animal testing, and the products you use on your bodies.  

As was the case with sterile tattoo ink and establishing health and safety regulations for manufacturing the tattoo ink, Intenze is once again setting the example for other tattoo ink manufacturers to follow with their vegan tattoo ink. Intenze as a brand in general does not do any animal testing, does not support animal cruelty of any kind, and certainly does not contain any animal product in its inks, pigments, or tattoo ink mixtures.     

Intenze has evolved into a multi-faceted brand that is becoming just as well known for it’s socially conscious characteristics as it is for its sterile tattoo ink and rich tattoo pigment that heals seamlessly.  

As more and more people become educated and take an interest as to where their food comes from, we have taken a look at how animals are being treated (feeding lots, antibiotics, abuse of chickens and cows, etc.). Because of this recent shift, people are empowered to look into the every day products that they use and put them to the test to see if they are socially responsible. This pertains not only to food products, but also to things found in your medicine chest, including cosmetics – so why shouldn’t your tattoo ink be free of animal products as well? After all, it is going underneath your skin and into your bloodstream. Vegan tattoo ink is the way to go.

Intenze is proud to be a vegan tattoo ink and proud to say all of our tattoo inks are free of animal products and with no animal testing. Our vegan tattoo inks only contain ingredients that make the magical color tattoo pigment that so many have come to love and stand by. Pure and unadulterated, we keep out any chemicals or ingredients that could disrupt the healing process or the way pigment goes into the skin.