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Intenze Creative Academy


Intenze is a company that aims to innovate and elevate the abilities of tattoo artists above all else. We aspire to make tools that make your work easier and the outcome of your labor better. In line with these values, we provide educational opportunities as often as possible, allowing you to truly Unleash Your Potential.

We believe the industry is holistically elevated when artists collaborate and share knowledge. When great tattoo artists come together and return to their artistic fundamentals, they become better than the sum of their parts, and tattoo history is made.

We gathered some of our top artists and flew them to Florence, Italy, one of the birthplaces of the Renaissance, to sharpen their classic figure drawing skills and observational painting skills with a modern master. Studying in a mecca of artistic progress like Florence was a very intentional decision, to make the statement that the world's greatest tattoo artists are the next evolution in the history of art.

Wonderful art was created, but above all else, learning took place. Change took place, and innovation took place. These artists discussed the state of art and tattooing, their approach to painting versus tattooing, and their passion for creation.

This is a monumental event in the history of art as well as the history of tattooing. We're happy to share the story of this event through images and footage we collected. You get to witness first-hand how something special happened in a small studio in Florence, when some of the world's best tattoo artists came together with the simple mission to "study hard and work hard, paint hard, and become better artists."