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Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink
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INTENZE Bowery Ink by Bowery Stan Moskowitz - 1 Oz
INTENZE Bowery Ink Limited Edition by Bowery Stan Moskowitz

About The Intenze Online Store Tattoo Inks

Reach your potential as an artist with tattoo inks from The Intenze Online Store. You can now buy tattoo ink that your favorite performing artists use to create their latest vision. There are always sales and deals available to make products more affordable so be sure to check back often.

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There are a variety of ways to buy tattoo ink including in single colors or in bulk. You can easily search to find what you need through:

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The artist series contains tattoo ink for sale selected by your favorite artists such as Mario Barth, Bob Tyrell, and Mark Mahoney. Whether you design photorealism, Japanese, or cover up tattoos, The Intenze Online Store has options available to showcase your work.

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The Intenze Online Store offers you high quality tattoo ink directly from the source. We offer free shipping in the United States on orders over $100 for the entire line of Intenze Tattoo Inks. Orders ship Monday through Friday each week. If you order by 1PM Eastern time, your order will ship the same day. Orders placed after 1PM Eastern time will ship the next business day.

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Our customer service agents are here to handle any issues with your order by phone or email. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern time while you can email the tattoo ink sales team when convenient for you. The Intenze Online Store prides ourselves on getting professional tattoo artist their ink both fast and safely.  We can be contacted:

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The Intenze Online Store understands your needs as a tattoo artist and guarantees that you can trust our attention to detail, high-quality tattoo ink for sale, and customer service.

Product Reviews

Review: worked on a silent hill piece for a friend of mine bout the ink set loved how it went right in i didn't have to go back over it a bunch of times to pack in the dark tones and when it came to blending for that smooth shade transition it came out nice i have recommended this product to other artists in
Review By: Daniel
On: 01-Mar-2012 10:11:30 am
Review: This ink color set gives you all the basic/ essential/ neccessity colors you need for making tattoos. All these inks are very bright and very vivid. Intenze colors inks will definately exceed your expectations. well if u expect the best then this will meet your expectations.
Review By: Jonathan
On: 23-Mar-2012 04:54:20 am
Review: Just like El Dugi said "Do not outline w this!" It will blow out.
Review By: Strows
On: 13-Mar-2012 14:03:11 pm
Review: This purple is so dark that it almost appears black! I have had a number of my clients tell me that they don't want a black tattoo (ie, Kanji or Tribal), so after some consideration I suggested this colour instead. The results are fantastic and my clients are overjoyed at having an alternative to straight
Review By: Damian
On: 01-Mar-2011 02:47:47 am
Review: I always used japanese kurosumi ink for my black n gray work, one cup of ink, one cup of water. The Bob Tyrrell inkset is just amazing! Colors don't fade that easy, much more depth.. and for me also very important: the ink doesn't run out the premade plastic tips all over the whole tattoo/blueprint.
Review By: sandy Inksane
On: 27-Mar-2012 05:26:51 am