Intenze Tattoo Ink

Dmitriy Samohin

Experience, according to Dmitriy, is the best form of schooling. Mistakes are lessons learned, and triumphs only lead to more triumphs. That belief has been on full display throughout his life. It’s taken him from self-taught to an extremely accomplished artist who pursues everything he does with a lot of hands-on passion.

Constant throughout Dmitriy’s life is a desire to create. Since childhood, he’s always sketching, drawing, tattooing, or painting. He found his calling as a tattoo artist while serving in the Ukrainian army. Ten years later, he’s producing incredible, groundbreaking work. His style is difficult to pin down, and he doesn’t like to attach his name to a particular type of work, but when looking at a piece by Dmitriy, it’s hard to escape a sense of profound realism that permeates his work. And even though his work varies, the constant that continues to drive Dmitriy’s life and work is a desire to challenge himself. He’s drawn to portrait work for the challenge. And even though he works in both black and gray as well as color, he’s drawn toward color for the challenge. Whatever Dimitriy takes on, he always likes to mix it up, always pushing himself to try harder and do more.
And that’s why he’s drawn to Intenze.  “I always use Intenze Ink,” he says. “I absolutely love this ink. Intenze has a great variety of colors, and it is great in use. I have never had a client complain about the results of this ink on their body. Everyone tells me how beautiful the colors are. And the ink lasts.”
Ukraine: Odessa

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