Intenze Tattoo Ink

Achieve the Unbelievable

We poured our heart and souls into the ink, so you can pour yours into the art.

We believe in possibilities, not boundaries. In ink that works under the worst conditions as well as the best. And in helping artists create groundbreaking work. Filled with more than a decade of formulation and testing and a century’s worth of tradition, legacy, and soul.

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  • More Than a Bottle

    Tamper proof and hassle free, our new patented bottles are safer, easier to use and they’re better for the environment.

  • Dry Resistant Ink

    Ink that performs better should also last longer. Work without worrying about your ink drying out with our new dry-resistant formula.

  • Tested and Verified

    Every bottle we make is tested and verified by third-party labs according to industry standards and manufactured in a clean room.

  • Accurate Pouring

    We designed each of our bottles with a more responsive plastic material that lets you pour more accurately.

Featured Technology

Any Piece. Any Client.

We don’t create ink to maintain the status quo. Breaking new ground begins with the tools that let artists explore, create, and take their work to new levels.

Black Redefined

BJ Betts and Intenze Products are proud to introduce Formula 23: a truly innovative black ink. See what makes Formula 23 the superior lettering ink.

Working in Flesh Tones

Learn how Alex De Pase creates some of the most realistic portrait work on the planet with his own process, and his own set of colors.

The Perfect Ink for Every Skin Tone

Your skin. The right colors. Put them together and amazing happens. We’ll help you match your skin tone with the colors that complement it.

The Medium Doesn’t Matter

Paper, canvas, or skin. Art is art. We took Intenze Artists to Florence to bridge mediums and expand their work.

Intenze Legend Lal Hardy

Lal’s life work has been devoted to the craft and the culture of tattooing, as well as the preservation of that legacy.

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