Color Your World With The New INTENZE One Caps

by INTENZE Tattoo Ink August 25, 2016



Traveling soon? Need a light-weight, convenient way to carry tattoo ink with you? Or maybe you’re just tired of filling your own cups? The INTENZE One Caps were designed by artists, for artists, to make the lives of artists easier than ever before. Travel lighter, stay neater, and clean up faster when you use the new One Caps.

The INTENZE One Caps bring many innovations to the table, all relevant to you. Just to name a few…

1. They feature a sticky applicator surface for superior usability.

2. Their compact size makes traveling with ink simpler than ever.

3. Their single use function means a quicker prep and clean up.

Haven’t used the One Caps yet? What are you waiting for? Take the next step in improving your life as an artist and click to learn more about the wonderful benefits of this brand new, sterilized, single use product!

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